Monday, September 17, 2007

Photos from Barcelona

We were enamored with Barcelona from the moment we arrived. Our hotel was in the heart of Bari Gotic, the Gothic neighborhood, made up of hundreds of narrow, twisting alley-like streets oozing history, culture and charm. During our time in Barcelona, we viewed some of the world´s most amazing architecture, including Gaudi´s most famous works and many Gothic and Renaissance cathedrals and buildings. Renting a scooter allowed us to cover the city thoroughly by hitting all of the top attractions while still having time to savor the local atmosphere by getting to know the city´s people and food. Speaking of which, the food is amazing! We have had a great time sampling all the different types of tapas. We spent one morning exploring Barcelona´s largest food market, where we saw all kinds of exotic produce, hundreds of types of jamon (pork), and every single part of a cow...from head to tail and everything in between...literally. We also enjoyed the nightlife scene in Barcelona at a variety of bars -- from a cave-like bar with tons of dripping candles, to a local spot full of European hippies playing guitars and drums. This city is absolutely full of art, culture and flavor --- if you haven´t been to Barcelona before, we highly recommend it!

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